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Just as in any other school, budgetary concerns always dictated where the money could be spent. In our mighty mighty Mac lab, we always opted to spend the money on both hardware and software upgrades. We were very fortunate to have the money to spend on such technologies and it was a great place to work and play with my students. The one downfall is that there was not money for training and so much of what we did we did by teaching ourselves the technologies. My ideas worked as one semester, we used the software “Manuals as MENTORS” and the students could choose what software from the 16 or more that we had and they then had to learn it ( in groups) and teach it to others in the class. The next idea was to not only to allow them to choose software to explore—this time they had to build a presentation to show us how to use the tools, what techniques were available, and then use the software to do projects of their own that they show us. It was a great success! Furthermore, I allowed the students to work independently or work in teams.

If you only have one computer or a few computers, allowing students to work digitally can be a great incentive for those infamous “early finishers” in your art classes. Give a similar assignment to be completed digitally. Allow them to archive the project in process into a presentation of an electronic portfolio for the next Open House or to introduce this project next year. Anyways, you can explore some possibilities for employing the current technologies in your classroom. Your students will appreciate the opportunity to explore the digital tools. Be sure you establish the “ground rules” regarding internet access and care of the hardware and software.

Here are the TOOL TIME results.

Jason Dorris, who I considered to be my first resident expert in Adobe Photoshop chose to work mostly solo with some help from Joseph and Valerie. They built these presentations teaching us the software.

Christina teased all of the boys in class.

Christina was good in Photoshop!

Photoshop allowed the creation zip case covers to store art work .

Jason’s Photoshop Introduction

Joseph Photoshop Demo

Kris Bealey with Photoshop

The next software, Painter was approached in a team effort by a group of students.These next two have video embedded in them so I have to figure out how to have them play in the movie.

Elastic Reality was also investigated by a team of students. Thanks Angela, Felix and Greg.

Keep in mind, these are not intended to teach you now how to do the softwares, however are teaching samples so you can employ the same methodologies. I am revising these for the Mac Lac section of the members site so that you can learn from them at a slower pace. These were some of the first software experiements, just watch to see the improvements as the years passed and our skills increased.

The students were part of a second semester in electronic media and did a phenomenal job at showing us what is possible with technology in the hands of creative students.The other benefit is that these presentations can be saved to be used to introduce the software programs to students for years to come. We know the updates and newer changes will improve however the purpose of each tool and the techniques possible are still pretty much the same. Enjoy!

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