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What are artful blogs? Why would artists want to blog? Read along for the answers to these and other questions regarding artful blogging. Nowadays many artists are joining the ever growing community of artful bloggers. An artful blog is a blog created by an artist or group of artists. As the name suggests, these blogs contain, among many other things, beautiful photos of the artist’s works along with explanations about them. One of the obvious reasons blogging is popular among artists is that it enables them to showcase their work to a greater amount of people. But, as will be seen, there are many other special reasons for blogging.

Keeping Visual Journals:

An artist who blogs daily or a few times a week is keeping a visual journal of their own creative processes and sharing it with others. People can get to know their favorite artists on a more personal basis. They can learn about their artist’s likes and dislikes, what inspires them and how they go about their own creative processes.

Reaching Out to People:

At the same time, blogging allows the artist to meet those that admire their work. An artist can receive much more feedback about their work this way than by other traditional venues. Blogging creates a two-way street of communication between the blogger and his viewers. Both learn from each other.

Meet Other Artists

Blogging also allows artists to meet and interact with fellow artists from all over the world. Online, they are able to form a community of people with similar interests and thoughts. Looking at other artists’ blogs is always a source of inspiration. New ideas and techniques can be learned and shared. Many friendships have blossomed from an exchange of emails.

Nourishing the Artist’s Soul:

This is by far the most important part about blogging. Both creating and reading artful blogs is very inspiring. Viewers are able to admire many different works of art, similar to walking through an online museum. In addition, the arftul blog becomes in itself another work of art. Each artful blog is unique and reflects the artist’s personality. Artful blogs not only help established artists, but can help inspire those at the beginning of their creative careers. Any type of artist, be it of mixed media, drawing, painting, scrapbooking, sewing,knitting, photography, etc…can become an artful blogger.

Favorite ARTFUL BLOGS to visit:

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