Art 4

Art IV: Portfolio Preparation & Participation:

Students identify the area they wish to explore and arrange and prepare each day the physical set up necessary for involvement. They work independent of each other quietly without unnecessary conversation. They interact only if it forwards the action of their work.

Requirements: After 10 hours of class time allocated toward each portfolio possibility, the students matte or complete this work for critique and grading. (Due date TBA). Working outside of class is necessary (AP Studio night ) as well as on weekends and morning, noon, or night.

Required Competitions: Fourth year students represent the school in the following competitions/exhibitions:

Scholastic Art Awards: 1st week of December: Send to New York for Scholarship application forms.Students will obtain transcripts, class rank, two letters of recommendation from counselor and teacher.

PORTFOLIO DAY:-Students as a group or individually are to take portfolio of art work to be critiqued at College Day. They will show and discuss their work with the PORTFOLIO DAY college representative. Bring journals and sketchbooks and works in progress.

Weekly-Working one day a week (in after school AP Studio Night) with your classmates on original work(s) for insertion into the portfolio is required.

School District’s Fine Arts Festival Logos -Start planning designs now.

January: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Competition: Create an original work of art for the Rodeo Art show. Do something that you have never done to have an exceptional caliber of art work in the show. The state of Texas has tremendous variations in what could be chosen as subject matter for this competition.

Preparation days to matte, and photograph work for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art competition are required. Hanging of the exhibit: for school will be the responsibility of advanced art students.

January: Scholastic Art Awards-Portfolio competition: Art work must be ready to be mailed to New York. Work must meet all requirements stated in the PORTFOLIO requirements handbook. All work must be photographed in digital/slide form prior to mailing.

Other Scholarship Possibilities: Write all colleges that interest you. Send slides or digital copies of your portfolio to these schools. You can only win if you enter.

Be The Leading Edge in Art This Year: Know you are at your best,the cream of the crop, so let’s have the most from each of you. The rewards are available. The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to have what you want?

ART FOUR COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Visual Checklist for Completion

Portfolio Problems:

Foreshortening is an advanced concept which allows distortion based up what part of the subject is closer or farther from the viewer. Closer parts are larger and farther parts are smaller. The selection of a vantage point is required and can be either an ant’s eye view below the subject, a bird’s eye view above the subject.

Ant’s Eye View or Bird’s Eye View ( not shown)

Foreshortened Figure in Contour

Ant's eye view: Boy on Stool in Cut Paper:

Combination of the Two: Self Portraits

Combination of the two

Self Portrait: Martin Casper

Scaling Up

People in Spotlight

Highlights only

Highlights and Shadows of Self

People in the Spotlight: Shadows only, Highlights only, and Shadows and Highlights

John drawing Jimi

Drawing people ( others and self-portraits)

Felipe's Self Portrait in Pencil

Felipe's Self in Prismacolor

Self-Portraiture: (line, pencil and color)

Bottles and Boxes

Ghost drawings (adapted college work)

Complex Machine: Man Made Things

Student drawing typewriter

Pointalistic Typewriter

Woven and wood


Line and foliage:

MIchelle's Line and Foliage

___Work matted and signed

___Others _________________________________________

Modified Contour Self Portrait

Research Problems/Presentations:

Senior Portfolio( End of Course) Slide/Electronic Show:These are pretty large files so it will take some reduction on my part of the size of the files to get these to show. I will work on that. Be patient.

Painting Problems:

____Watercolor series

____Acrylic-Op/pop art

____Oils-Ala prima/Monochromatic lift out /Acrylic under-painting

Creative Crafts:

Journal/sketchbook/Altered Book


17” ceramics


____Reduction Woodcut,____Etching, ____Silk Screen,etc.,

Art Careers:


Exhibits/Competition Requirements include:

_____Houston Livestock show

_____Scholastic art awards Portfolio

_____National Scholarship Competition

_____Poster competition (Drug Awareness,Safety council)

_____Youth Art Month Exhibit:_____Local ____Work at the YAM Exhibit

Other Requirements:

____ Leader / school art related activities-officer:NAHS Society

____ School service project(Cover design for school event )

_____Demonstrations,Set-up exhibits and participate in Open House)

_____Community contribution (Face paint/ Halloween festival, art

showcase of own work,etc.,

_____Create and Host an Annual art Show

_____Monthly bulletin boards,room exhibit,front office,showcase

Plan and organize an art exhibit in school or in community each

month,considering:color scheme,title,logo design-to be included in

flyer with statement of intent,artist’s names,title of work,media,etc.

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