Altered Books

One of my  art forms of choice is altered books. First of all, I love books and to think of parting with one is difficult enough, so the thought of giving an old book a new life delights me.

It is like having a portable studio where ever you go you and your books and creativity can  also go with you.   I suggest you organize a simplified version of your favorite tools and materials to carry along with you. They make so many useful totes with many pockets and places to organize materials. The ones I have allow enough room for one or more of my altered books.

This provides just a few examples. I plan on sharing my SAMPLER altered book  showing you different ways to alter or deconstruct a book.

To begin, find yourself a book, open it up, feel the pages, maybe you like the title,something will determine if the fit feels right.

Secondly, begin to scan the pages for words or phrases. If you find a phrase or word that resonates with you then circle it or underline it. Continue to flip through the pages if there are no words that grab your attention, then gently remove that page. Place your hands on it to carefully grab the page to begin to rip it from the others. You may also choose to use an X-acto knife with a piece of cardboard beneath it so as to not cut the other pages as you begin to cut to free the page.

I like to stain or  do paint treatments on several pages at a time in several books at a time. You can either paint, stain, or gesso pages. Even consider painting gesso around the words or phrases circled on the earlier pages.

You can then sketch, do a self portrait, look around and draw whatever you see in front of you or do a collage.

The ideas are endless and guided by your vivid imagination.

Also visit my The Art Life  Fan Page on Facebook and be sure and LIKE it for seeing a photo album of altered book pages from the TAEA conference.

There are numerous fabulous  books on the market.  I have so many of them and love to preview them to spark my imagination. The listing  will be posted in the upcoming weeks— so stay tuned.



TAEA Workshop Samples of Altered Books

TAEA Huff's Stuff

Plant study from my greenhouse

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