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Re-Creating Ourselves:

We have to be patient with ourselves as we learn and grow. We have to go through the “growing pains” of learning and assimulating and  more significantly applying the new information to our life. As we try new things, we will sometimes stumble and fall. We have to get back up and continue in our  present pursuit. It is my belief that we are here to grow, expand, and unfold—mentally, spiritually, and materially. We are shedding our old selves and reinventing our self and our life.

2012′s Intended Selves

My phrase for this new year is “2012: Becoming more of our intended selves.” Each of us has a unique DNA and therefore why not also a unique set of desires and passions to fullfill in this life. It takes time and patience to know what you want. As someone once said to me,”God, grant me patience but hurry!”   Then, it takes time to determine how to get there from where you are.  Lastly, it takes discipline and persistence to master new sets of skills along the way. In this the first month of the new year, it is the perfect time to reevaluate what we are each doing with our life. Take time to ask ourselves,  if we are on track for the kinds of things we want to accomplish. They can be small or monumental accomplishments. Maybe we hope to leave behind some new invention to make life better on the planet as our legacy.   Perhaps we just want to be good people who assist others in life. Whatever your intention, it’s all good.”

Good, better, best, I won’t stop till my good is better and my better is best”

Great Minds Do Think Alike

Wonder what Andrew Carnegie did to make sure he was on track? What was he doing when he had the idea of hiring Napolean Hill to interview over 500 successful and wealthy men to reveal their  success secrets. Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, is phenomenal. It gives the thoughts, ideas, and organized plans for acquiring wealth. It has impacted people from all walks of life and is considered one of the most influential books of all times. Carnegie  and Hill did a great thing for the world in working together on that literary jewel. Did Carnegie sit at  the breakfast table one morning and decide that he would build libraries all over the world so that others could be the  benefactors of his generosity.   So many great people have done wonderful things for the world.

Follow your Passions

What is your burning desire? With every ounce of my being,my deep knowing is that life long teaching and learning is my reason for being.  One of my frustrations is not knowing fast enough how to put solutions in the hands of educators so that their lives can be made easier in their classrooms.  By providing relief to these devoted educators, there would be more time to interact with their students. Students are after all 100% of our future. The students can then first determine what their dreams are and then learn to develop the skill sets to turn their passions into viable contributions in the way of careers. Just as Marsha Sinetar said,” Love what you do and the money will follow.” My life has been a living example of doing  that which I love. Rumi said, “Let what you do— be what you love.”   I am doing just that.

Inspired by Others’ Lives

Who has inspired you? I intend to read more books about visionary people and learn how they stayed the course to  serve humanity in generous ways by living lives of service. This month,  both my University of Sedona master’s thesis and my doctoral dissertation are in their final stages of completion for my PhD.  Extensive research  has allowed me to review many of my favorite books from such great minds as  Eric Butterworth, Catherine Ponder, Esther Hicks, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Napolean Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer,  and many more. Both of my papers involve distilling spiritual truths to mine from this large body of content,  a simple formula for living prosperous, peace-filled, struggle free lives.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a book about another of my heroes Steve Jobs. He gave so much to the world with his creative and innovative technologies.  His words to his staff in his last board meeting were that Apple must stay at the intersection of creativity and technology. His life is such an inspiration. What if he had not worked in the garage with his  previous running buddy Steve Wozniak to invent the Macintosh computer? Certainly, they had their challenges.  Because they moved through their difficulties a new technology was born. Think how many lives have been positively impacted including mine. It is their fault that now I am an “artsy girl geek.” My first computer was that first  Apple Macintosh SE with 312 K of memory and  it was upgraded to 512k and  I thought I had a loaded computer.  Isn’t that funny? That summer was spent with half eaten sandwiches beside what was to me an instant desktop publishing machine.  That was the beginning of my self publishing adventures.

The Story Continues…Writing It Down To Make It Happen

The Egyptians believed that when you write things down you give them power. With that in mind, my future vision is a mix of  intended  and expanded skills which include;

  • building and maintaining virtual art rooms in my  web sites,
  • understanding the code required in building user friendly dynamic sites,
  • creating service oriented useful blogs ( & remembering to post on them),
  • adding  security with private membership areas to each site, and
  • keeping up with all the social media networks & their possibilities.
  • keeping myself organized to log in to the numerous sites maintained/ visited regularly.
  • broadcasting webinars (Webin-ARTS) and hosting teleseminars (teleseminARTS) with juicy inspirational visual reinforcement,
  • reformatting my Art Work Book Series of ebooks for’s Kindle
  • hosting monthly Artworkbook Bootcamps across Texas/USA.
  • providing more products that support quality programs in art employing creative  and innovative technologies.

We live in a fast paced world and it can overwhelm the best of us. My overarching goal or intention of mine is to maintain laser focus on these fewer more challenging goals.

Understanding Expands

It was my privilege to facilitate the learning of very talented art students in a high end Mac lab in Aldine ISD for almost a decade. What a job, teaching art on and off  computers, somebody had to do it. Another passion of mine is sharing successful strategies with others so that they too can experience successes. Oftentimes when presenting the benefits of archiving student work using whatever technology you presently have,  some members of the audience would have that “deer in the headlights” look. Now that I too am traveling down some new roads through new and uncharted territories, my understanding of their frustrations have expanded of  not only just how much there is to know— but also how difficult it is to keep up with the newest and latest technologies especially if these schools are without computers. At the conclusion of my state and national conference presentation the following quote was shared. It  rang true for me then and continues to ring true for me as I  continue to explore new things. Enjoy reading it and enjoy the adventure that life can be. Thanks for sharing this journey with me. Please comment to let me know what you are up to on the planet.

“Be Patient with yourself. It takes time to work out issues, to work through things. It takes time to learn lessons. The more important the lesson, the longer the cycle to work it out and work it through.

We live in a technical age, but our souls aren’t technical. They’re still connected to nature. We grow and change as nature does. Learn her ways. Study her seasons and cycles, and know those same seasons and cycles are in each of us. The process of change is like planting a seed and watching it grow and bloom into a flower.

What are you trying to develop? A project? A change in yourself? Is there something new you’re learning, trying to do? Are you trying to adjust to a major change in your life? Is there an old habit you’re struggling to let go of? A love relationship or a friendship you’re hoping to begin or attempting to end?

Each stage of the process of growth and change is important. From those first moments when we see the idea, or the change begins, to those long moments of nurturing and nourishing the idea, each stage counts. Is there a change in your life that’s begun, one you’ve started to notice? Are you thinking about it a lot, talking about it a lot, but not quite ready to take action? This stage is important too. You are nurturing and nourishing the seeds of change.

It takes time for nature to change things into what they’re becoming, it takes time for things to develop. Be patient with yourself and life. Trust the process of growth.”

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