Student Portfolios

ArtWork on the Web is the most comprehensive art resource site to empower art educators and home schoolers with creative and time saving art learning strategies and information to achieve success in art classrooms. Products featured on ArtWork on the Web delve into traditional and digital techniques that can be easily integrated in any high school secondary art curriculum to inspire art students from K-12 in every stage of their creative development.

Founder Joan Maresh-Hansen shares her passion and experience from her 34-year career as an art educator. She has put her heart and soul in the creation and writing of The ArtWork Book series filled with high school art lessons and the various seminars offered on this site. Her tried and proven methods have benefited and transformed her students' lives. When Joan started out as a teacher, this kind of resource was nowhere to be found, she has now developed time saving methods of teaching, which allowed more quality time with her students. ArtWork on the Web is a collection of Joan's awesome experiences as an art teacher. It is history and the future combined into a wonderful art resource that every educator can use to enhance the experience of making art in the classroom.

The Artwork Book, The Artwork Bootcamp, and Bootcamp for 21st Century Classrooms: Technology will provide art educators with ideas for creative and effective classroom presentations of various creative art projects in both traditional media and digital technology. The topics covered in the series include easy-to-follow instructions covering various art techniques and teaching strategies. Hear enthusiastic participants comments as they tell of their unique experiences.

Art educators and home schoolers will find effective and engaging art lesson plans, presentations, teaching tools, and suggested teaching practices to enhance their day-to-day teaching life. Experienced and beginning art teachers will greatly benefit from the ideas presented enabling them to elevate their level of interaction with students. For a more hands on instruction to art educators, the Ideas Institute is an opportunity to meet with other art educators in a retreat setting to share and exchange ideas. As an added interactive element, Joan has created, a membership site that educators can access 24/7 for their own research and to use during classroom presentations. Teaching high school art class was something Joan absolutely loved doing and her students brought her teaching ideas to life in the most amazing ways.

Just recently one of her former art students, Steve Gore, made this comment, "How very fortunate I have been, so early in my life, to have happened across a teacher who IS - and always has been - so cheerfully encouraging and happily inspiring to my creativity within! When I take that spare moment and look over my shoulder to see all the many magnificent and wonderful places I've been in my colorfully adventurous life, there are still only a few momentous occasions that have been wholly significant in the shaping of who I am today. Your art class along with your teachings, remains the one that was most important. Your joy of art became my joy of art!!! My teacher and friend, may our ART always remain from our heARTs!!!"

The gallery of Student Portfolios continues to be a source of inspiration and evidence on how the effective teaching of art can unleash the artistic talent in young individuals. The materials in the series will develop students' creative and artistic potential and it will increase their breath of knowledge in the numerous art forms.

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The continuous discovery of art is the journey to self-discovery . . .